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Cuba mourns victims of fiery plane crash


19/05/2018 – MiamiHerald. / The Cuban airline Cubana de Aviación on Saturday released the names of all 110 people who died after Friday’s fiery plane crash in Havana, Cuban State media reports.

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Of those who died – 104 passengers and six Mexican crew members – inside the Boeing 737 as it went down in a field near José Marti International Airport or afterward at the hospital, all but 11 were Cuban. Of the passengers who died, two were from Argentina, two were from the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and one was from Mexico.

luis oberto anselmi

A total of 113 people were aboard the plane, which was destined for the Cuban province of Holguín. Just four survived, although one later died at a Havana hospital.

Twenty church leaders from an evangelical church also are among the dead, The Associated Press reported Saturday. The three remaining female survivors, ranging in age from 19 to 39 years old, were reported in serious condition.

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